Finally. A professional cablecam that is smart, safe, and simple enough for a single operator to take anywhere. The Cadence has the power to carry any handheld gimbal and the brains to have full autonomous control with incredibly accurate end-stop, acceleration, braking, and active traction control.   Using the included Pulse controller, operators get a continuous real time display of all the important data to keep your eyes on the shot.

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It Really Is That Easy.

The Smartest most capable lightweight cablecam system available.  Half the size and weight of our Dactylcam Pro, this little guy packs a punch and still fits in a single case.   

Smart is the new sexy.
Accurate autonomous control of programmed stops and user customization of speed, braking and ramping. The digital displays on both the sled and Pulse controller provide realtime data and overall system health.     

Looooong Range.
The internal RF is built around a 915mhz (for U.S), 868mhz (for EU) for excellent long range control and data transmission.  Robust enough for heavy RF environments, the Cadence fits in with even the toughest crowds. 


Clean Fuel.
The Cadence gets its fuel from a plethora of battery options ranging from 14v to 24v Li-Po or Li-Ion cells as well as custom battery solutions upon request.   The battery is  nestled and secured inside the sled keeping the entire system safe and free from nasty cables hanging around.      

Where the Magic Happens.
The custom Pulse controller is what makes the Cadence such a special machine.   Full programmability from an ergonomic wireless handheld controller providing full realtime data of position on the line, speed, battery voltage, motor temperature and tons of user configurations.... all with a 10 hour battery life.