Engineered for live broadcast, sports and entertainment providing a safe, smart and powerful solution.


The 24v Dactylcam Pro was built for professional broadcast and branded content users that need an incredibly simple, smart and powerful cable cam system to carry large payloads and accessories. Capable of payloads of 80 lbs with speeds of 30 mph with full control of power to dial in takeoff, deceleration and overall top speed.  


Programming the system is all done through our Pulse Controller which provides users a wireless ergonomic handset which controls power, digital end stops, take off, top speeds as well as full menu for user preferences. The Pulse controller has a 10 hour battery life and we offer RF frequencies in 915 mhz, 868 mhz and 2.4 ghz. Optional footpedals are a plug and play accessory allowing the entire system to be operated from a single operator.  


The most important item on any system is safety. The Dactylcam Pro has multiple safety redundancies allowing the sled to safely operate over crowds, stages and extensive set design. A captive safety bracket attaches using (4) 3/8" bolts and allows a second safety line to be held on dual drive wheels. Digital Safety Stops selected by the user automatically stops the system and keeps the operators attention on the shot. Optional in-line safety stops can be placed in the line which would kill power to the system if touched by the sled allowing more safety redundancy.  

Accessory Power

4 Dtaps on each side of the sled can either be powered from the 24v internal batteries or external gold mount or vmount batteries making accessory power incredibly easy to manage. Internal li-ion 24v batteries power the dtaps at 14.8v as well as providing 24v power with high amp output directly to the sled.

Internal Batteries

The sled is sleek and clean with no cables or wires hanging due to the dual internal batteries and all adjustable parts are inside the sled giving users lots of real estate for attaching wireless video transmitters, extra batteries and large and sometimes ridiculous items that are usually handed to you an hour before your live event.   

Line Lock

Spring loaded line locker keeps the line locked into the wheels at all times. To release from the line users simply pull the spring loaded pin and release the line from the wheel. Transitioning from line to line can be done in as little as 30 seconds thanks to this quick detach line locker.  


The entire system was built for long duration and operation. Optional custom foot pedals can plug directly into the Pulse controller providing the operator a comfortable and ergonomic set up for those long days or weeks. Built in long range RF makes wireless tuning and changes simple while providing the data you need at your fingertips. Setting end-stops and fine tuning speed sensitivity are just a few small features that simplifies operation and allows for single man operation if desired.  


The system can take nearly any head and camera package up to 80 lbs. Our Mitchell mount or cheeseplate will accomodate heads to attach very quickly and provide the necessary mounting options either directly onto the sled or on the optional extended trays.   


The 24V Dactylcam Pro fits completely assembled in an optional custom road case.  This makes the build time nearly non existent as the system can come out of the case and onto the line, power on and begin running.  All accessories fit neatly into the case making the kit easy for a single operator to take anywhere.  

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Need a turnkey system?

We offer a full turnkey solution for live event broadcast proudction.  This kit includes the Newton Nordic Newton S2 kit along with Rigging, Line and the Dactylcam Pro system.